Tuesday, March 5, 2013

you are darn right they are sheltered!!!

So, I shared a post on our facebook page about getting your spouse on board with homeschooling. This brought up a discussion with a friend. To protect her and any future jobs, we will call her Sherry.

Sherry worked at a middle school- this is 6th to 8th graders. And at a school dance - as in a dance ON school property, being supervised BY said school-  kids were acting in a very lewd manner.

These are CHILDREN! And the DJ was playing the song "Make It Rain" and the girls were twerking. (side note: I had to look that up. It is that booty shake dance you see. Usually the dancer has a very plump derriere.) And the boys were throwing dollar bills at them!!!!!  Have you thrown up yet??  AND the DJ had a male companion there video taping this!!!!  I bet you've thrown up now!!  How do these kids have so little self respect for themselves that they would do this? Every time the principle would leave the DJs would do it. And that video probably  wound up on YouTube. Or worse, some place very seedy.

So, homeschoolers get accused of having sheltered kids. Well, if this is what 6th graders are being exposed to, you bet your sweet twerking hiney my kids are sheltered!! 

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