Sunday, March 3, 2013

gotta take care of the mom

So, the Mr. has been away on a business trip for a few days. It is rough. I'm not going to lie. I'm used to him being gone all day anyway, but not having any kind of break is a little tough. I'm usually watching the clock because I know when he will be home. And when he isn't coming, the day just seems long. Plus, I had a consignment sale while he was gone. It was miserable to load and unload the big items and do it all with the kids in tow. But I did it.

I'm rambling a little. I read a blog post about a mom who homeschools seven kids and when she realized that she had to start taking care of herself. She is introverted, so it is kind of hard for her to be around all day with nine people at home (her husband was there also because he worked from home).  So she has all these little built in breaks. She said she just has to go be by herself for ten minutes or 30 minutes or so. And it was very interesting to me. What she said made total sense. I was all like "Go you! Look at you taking care of yourself!"

But when I do it? I feel REALLY lazy! And, shoot, I only have three kids! When the kids have rest time during the afternoon (their time to watch tv or play on the iPad), I generally take some time to myself. But I feel so bad for doing it, that it almost isn't worth it. (almost) And when they are distracted and the baby is down, I really want to get something done. Other than make a bigger dent on the couch.

I'm SO behind on all the millions of things I want to do, it just feels so wrong to sit down and catch up on my facebook peeps. And by night time, I'm pretty much worthless. That means waiting until they go to bed isn't really an option.

I'm going to try to be more like her and realize that if I decompress a little, it will make me better when I give them my full attention.

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