Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting Messy

Oh, the art of getting messy! It is so much fun. The problem is that it is just so, well, messy.

I think it is a hard internal fight to allow kids to get messy. I mean outside is fine! Just don't bring that craziness inside.

But it is such a beautiful learning experience. And when you homeschool, there aren't really that many other options for a flour covered kitchen or to get glitter in your hair. You have to do most of that at home.

I know it is easier to sit at a table with a neat work book and read about homemade crackers or how to make play dough or construct a volcano.

But your kids will learn more by doing. Our children need to get their hands in there! They need to have the mud squish between their little stubby toes. Life is not a workbook. Life is an experience. And in order to live it you need to experience it! Not just read about it.

And think of all that messy bonding that awaits!

Go forth and make a mess!!

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