Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sometimes you just have to scrap all your plans

I had planned for yesterday to be mostly a seat work kind of day. Well, not really. But I had planned for us to do a decent amount of seat work, which we don't do that often. (For instance, our math lesson on Monday was a trip to the Farmer's Market.)

But, oh, that sunshine! For a few brief hours, it was Spring!!  I don't mean a warm winter day. It was truly Spring!!  You could feel it, smell it, hear it. And, well, I just couldn't waste a day like this!

So, we went outside! We did some work on excavating our Mammoth!

We caught some bugs. (Pic courtesy of Super J.)

Worked on an Easter craft: a wreath for the front door.

Soaked side walk chalk in water to feel the difference in drawing with wet and dry chalk.
Tornado drew me a heart.

Played hopscotch after drawing with our chalk.
Sometimes you just have to scrap all your plans and make new ones! 

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