Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day trip

This past Sunday, our little family embarked on an adventure!  We drove about an hour and half North of us into the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains to a little town called Cleveland.

Our first stop was Babyland General. This is where all Cabbage Patch babies are born. I had never been before and while it was interesting, it was really just a giant gift shop. I can't wait to take Sugar Britches when she is older, though! It was a lot of fun to get to see a baby being "born" and to see all the different dolls. Many of the original dolls on display there are worth $15,000! Makes me wish I still had mine!
Our next stop was lunch. The kids wanted Sonic. They were vetoed. We can eat that junk at home! So, we chose a little country restaurant, Ma Gooch's. It was quite yummy! And the kids were very happy to eat there!
With full bellies, we headed on to the main adventure of the day: a behind the scenes tour of the North Georgia Zoo!!!  It was beyond amazing!!  The zoo was closed except for this tour. We were split into two groups of about 12 or so in a group. While we were waiting to get started, we all wandered around the petting pen area. It was mostly goats, but we also got to pet a zebra and some llamas and tortoises and other interesting animals!


And, of course, some family shots.

 All wearing our green!

Then the tour started. But I feel like this post is already picture heavy (and I didn't even put in near as many as I wanted to do!), so I will continue another day!

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