Thursday, March 21, 2013

day trip (part two)

Once the tour started, we we guided around the zoo learning all kinds of interesting facts about the animals. Our first stop was the porcupines (I can't remember what specific kind, but they were the second largest rodent in the world!) and a beaver that hated water!


We saw all manor of animals! I was very surprised by the number of surrendered "pets" that were residents of the zoo. The darker colored timber wolf in the above picture was some one's idea of a dog. And when their "dog" ruined their furniture, they weren't happy with her. The guide mentioned several animals used to be pets. Sad.
At the last part of the tour, we got to hold and pet and get up close with a few animals! This is the point where my phone decided it would hold no more pictures! My husband has quite a few on his phone, but here are some that I was able to get. (As I was frantically trying to delete photos to get more!)

Our last bit of the tour was a big surprise to us! We were privileged to witness wolf training! Two young timber wolves were brought out and trained right in front of us! And, then much to our delight, we were welcomed up to pet and take pictures with them! I can not even begin to describe this!  The pictures do not do them justice- these wolves are huge beasts! They are so majestic and flawless. And, I couldn't believe this, but there was no fear! I was right with them- being licked in the face, my fingers being nibbled all while holding seven month old, Sugar Britches.  They were very interested in her, and even then I had no fear. They would lick her and sniff her and I just knew that none of us were ever in any danger at all. It was one of the neatest experiences of my life. We got to spend about 45 minutes total with the wolves.


And to end a just perfect day, we saw a winery on the way out. We stopped and picked up a couple of bottles of some local yumminess!
The only bad part? It ended all too soon! Next time we will stay for a weekend!

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