Thursday, March 28, 2013

The weather is thwarting my science

Super J, Tornado and I are trying to do an science experiment with seeds. We have been simulating an underground environment to watch seeds sprout.

We have used various kinds of seeds/ beans with the best results yielded from pumpkin seeds. See those beautiful sprouts?

Well, they should have gone into the ground long before now. But the weather in Georgia has decided it is possessed. Our temps should be in the mid to high 70's by now. We've had snow the last few days. We rarely get snow even in the dead of winter. So, now the roots are all tangled along the bottom. It makes for a very interesting research project. I just hope we can get them in the ground before it is too late. And maybe one day get some actual pumpkins out of them!
It has been really neat to watch them sprout and grow.
If you want to try this experiment, here are the directions:
*Soak seeds in water overnight. (or beans. As I said, we had great results with pumpkin seeds.)
*Place wet paper towels in a clear cup. You don't want soaking wet. That yields moldy seeds. Trust me.
*Place seeds between the paper towels and the cup. Hide them in the dark and watch them start to sprout after a few days. The amount of time to sprout depends on the seeds.
We are also doing lemon seeds, but they are sprouting at a very slow pace. I would love to have a lemon tree! 

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