Monday, March 4, 2013

not that independent

I don't let my kids be independent enough. And it isn't because I really want to protect them. It's because I'm lazy. It is so much easier for me to do it myself. I'm trying really hard to get better.

Because of his special needs (I hate that term, for some reason), my oldest can't do a lot of stuff on his own anyway. So, it is just easier for me to do it. Which doesn't help him, now does it?

And, you know, kids are just messy. I have so much going on that I just fail to be the kind of mom that can take on one more mess. So, I do it for them.

But, I really am trying to get better. Tonight I gave them their own little pitcher or water on their table. They were able to pour as they needed. It made them feel grown up and independent. Plus, little pitchers are just fun! And this just screams Montessori!

I always think we will get to stuff when they are older. Oh, I'll teach them to fold laundry when they are older. I will teach them to (fill in the blank) when they are older. But they are older. Super J is  6 1/2.

Another strategy I'm using is Popsicle sticks. I tool some colorful sticks and wrote little chores on them. (clean the bathroom sink, wipe down your table, clean the glass on the door) They are items that can be done with imperfections, but still be a little helpful to me and very helpful for them to learn. And who knew writing chores on a Popsicle stick would make kids so eager to work?

Do you have any tips for getting the kids engaged in learning domestic duties?

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