Saturday, February 2, 2013


I really wanted to do some homeschooling for Sugar Britches. I know she isn't even six months old yet, but I was still itching to get at her.  And since we do a lot of unstructured learning, I figured it was never to early to start.

So, the boys and I made her a texture board. She absolutely LOVED it! She sat in my lap playing with it for about 30 minutes. I wish we would have done a better job about picking things out. I tend to get really excited about a project and don't necessarily have the patience to wait and do it perfect. But I figured we could always make her another one! It is pretty cool, though! We also made one for a friend that has autism and sensory processing disorder.

To make your own board, just get some foam board (I got a big sheet- poster board sized- at the dollar store) and cut out a little rectangle and glue different textures to it. (I used a hot glue gun. Oh, how I love my hot glue gun!) Instead of foam board, you could also use the top of a shoe box.

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