Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Out in it!

We had an ENT appointment for Super J today. It happened to be near Fernbank Science Center-- One of our favorite spots to school! The day was so lovely, I kind of hated to do anything inside. But because we were so close, we felt the pull of the long ago calling us.  And it actually turned out perfect! We played inside the halls of the 'bank for awhile. And before we left we got to go outside for a snack. We sat on some cement type of risers things and basked in the sun! It was just perfect! And the museum was so uncrowded that we practically had it to ourselves!

Fernbank was also running some kind of promotion and we got a free Weather Science kit!  SCORE!! So we came home and measured the temperature with it. We tested the difference in the sun and the shade.

I love that life as a homeschooler lets us get out in the world. We are learning the world by being there! Not just reading about it or researching it-- but tasting it, breathing it, touching it, loving it and BEING in it!  Bliss!

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