Monday, February 11, 2013

Busy, Busy Homeschoolers!

We have a really busy week planned! Today we had a Chemistry Magic Show, that we hosted in our home. Thirteen kids and a mad scientist and his assistant make for a lot of fun! And the mad scientist is a long time friend of ours, so it made it especially sweet that we got to catch up with him. I will post some pics soon!

Tomorrow we have a trip planned into downtown Atlanta! We will be going to the Children's Museum, the High Museum of Art and possibly Ikea, if time allows. I'm not big on going into downtown, but luckily my husband took today and tomorrow off to "school" with us!

Wednesday is Homeschool Academy at Zoo Atlanta, which is a ton of fun! Super J loves to go-- especially since he gets to touch animals! Last time one of the animal encounters was with an alligator!

And on Thursday, Valentines Day, we have a field trip to the fire station and will be giving the firemen some appreciation for all they day!

We will be running around like crazy this week, but it should be a ton of fun!

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