Thursday, February 21, 2013

sieze the day!

How many times do we say to someone, "Oh we have to get together!" Only to let another week, month, year pass by.

The other day we had dinner with friends that we haven't seen since our Christmas party. We usually see them a lot more in the summer, but it just felt that it had been too long.

This got me to thinking about ALL the people that I want to spend time with- and time has gotten away.

Life gets us all so busy. I think I have good intentions when I say these things or when they are said to me. But there is life to get around. And every single day is a new adventure.

But I decided that once every three weeks or month or so, we are having someone to dinner. I immediately contacted some very, very dear friends and asked if they were available to come to dinner this weekend. And they were. We have seen each other, but we haven't sat down and spent time together in so long. years. Our five children have never even been in the same room together.

I have decided that this will be a priority for us. We will make time for what is important. Before we turn around and there is no time left.

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