Monday, April 1, 2013

You are missing out!

When you decided to homeschool did it ever bother you about what your children would miss out on by not going to public or private school? It bothered me. Even though I don't really remember much of what I learned in school and I was bullied and picked on, I started waxing sentimental about all the fun experiences my kids would not be a part of by staying home.

Oh! They will miss out on the Valentine's Exchange!

And what about Field Day?? That is only the best day of the whole school year!!  (The last day of school being a close second!)

Prom! AGH! They won't go to prom!

I remember going to The Fabulous Fox Theater to see my first movie: Helen Keller, Miracle Worker.

Does anyone see a pattern with this? After a week or so of being really distraught that I was ruining the lives of my children by keeping them from these wonderful experiences, I saw a pattern. Never once was I upset about them missing any of the learning experiences that I had. I was concerned about the fun things. I never thought, "Oh dear! They will miss out on memorizing the Periodic Table!" Ugh! I remember having to be able to fill that whole chart in from memory in seventh grade. That little life skill REALLY helped me out in the future. Before I could open a bank account, I was asked to fill in the Periodic Table from memory. AND before I can order at my favorite restaurant, I am required to give the atomic weight of Francium. I use it all the time!

Oh, I got sidetracked!

And then I realized something even better! My kids won't be missing anything!!  They will be doing! My kids will have their own experiences! The field trips were so exciting because we got to go once per year! We were like prisoners on road side trash duty! Whoooo-hoooooo!!  Fresh air!!  Change of scenery!!!! 

My kids get to go on field trips at least once per week.

My kids will get to go to prom. It might not be a prom with 700 other students, but it will be a prom.

My kids exchanged Valentine cards with friends this year. And bonus: they exchanged them while on a field trip to the fire station!

And this week? Well, my kids are attending a homeschool field day. And that won't even be close to the best school day of the year.

We are making our own memories. Will they be like mine? No. They will be better!


  1. Way to go, Mama! I love what you realized, and the encouragement I gleaned from you. You are a wise Mama with a beautiful heart. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Thank you. I've been thinking about this myself. Encouraging words.

  3. Thank you both for the kind words! I'm so happy to be able to be a part of this community! And pleased beyond words that I was able to offer some encouragement!