Friday, April 5, 2013

"Beat That Child"

In an effort to branch out and meet new homeschoolers, the kids and I drove WAY far away last week to attend an impromptu meet up at a park.

It was a bust.

There were other people there, but neither the kids nor I made any new friends. In fact, the other kids were down right rude at times.

Super J (6- closer to 7) went up to a little girl and simply said "hi". She turned around and screamed, yes screamed, in his face "I DON'T CARE!!!!"

So, it was what it was. I told them I wish things had turned out differently but we came all this way, so let's just enjoy the park. We ran around and played and snacked and had a decent time.

After we had been there for quite awhile, there were only two other adults besides me at the playground. Well, there was another set of parents, but they were in the parking lot washing their car while their son spit at Tornado (almost 4) and told him he was going to punch him in the face. Nice. (yes, I intervened. He ran off somewhere in the parking lot.)

So, I could hear the other two parents pretty well. They were fairly close to me and talking fairly loud. They didn't know each other but had just met at the park.

I must have heard the phrase "beat that child" at least eight times. WHAT???? Not only can I not imagine "beating" my child, but to BRAG about it????  To someone you just met?? What is wrong with people!?!?!? They were smoking and cussing and talking about beating children to make them behave and act properly.


One of their children (she just so happened to be the little girl that yelled at Super J for saying "hi") was going around telling the other children she was "pissed". She is four.

Great plan you have there ladies. I can see how that is working out really well. Let's just beat those children into submission. If they don't do what you want them to do, just bully them. I'm sure they will learn some really wonderful lessons there.

I was beat as a kid. I'm adopted now, but my bio dad and step mom used to beat me pretty good.  It was very, very effective as a learning tool.  Know what I learned?


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  1. Discipline is such a tough thing to "master" as a parent. (Is it even something that we can master?) I have to agree, it sounds like those parents missed the mark severely. Praying that their eyes are opened. Hopefully your next adventure will be much more positive and the memories sweeter.