Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smarty Pants Exchange Update

Hi! I know some of you follow us on facebook (Sweet T Homeschool) and you are aware of the complete explosion that has taken place with the exchange. But I did want to post a little update here, just for those who haven't been over to our page.

I had every intention of getting all the pairing information emailed out on April 1st. (This was NOT an April Fools joke! Promise!)

But then we had more and more and more and more people sign up! I really hate to turn anyone away. People have been so nice and excited! I just couldn't say "no".

So, I'm a little behind! I do hope to have all the pairing done by this weekend and will start emailing everyone their partner(s). 

We have about 135 families participating- some of these doing up to 5-6 packages!!!  I am sorting all the info and will be pairing as close in age and as far in geography as I can. I'm also trying to accommodate the special requests!

I plan to do this twice a year- Spring and Fall. And, believe me, I have learned a lot! Next time I will be more organized and prepared!

Thank y'all so much for playing!!

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