Monday, January 28, 2013


Why do we homeschool? Well, that question would take what would seem like years to completely answer. It is a long, complicated, twisting and turning answer that seems to change on a daily basis.

I guess it would be better to answer how we got started on this journey. Our house isn't in the best school district. When the houses were being built, the buyers were told it was another (good) district. As time got closer for our oldest, Super J, to go to leave his private pre-school/ kindergarten, we began to really worry about what to do. He has some special needs and I just could not see sending him to the school in our district. We began to look into buying a foreclosed home in a better district, just for the address. We could buy a home much cheaper than sending kids to private school for a full career.

Then one day my husband said... "I think you should homeschool them".

What??? Seriously. What???

And then I started to research. Ah, research is just like a warm blanket, no? It was right. It was such the right thing to do. And the more we do it and the more we learn and the more we are moving on... well, I can't even imagine not doing it. It just fits.

Sugar Britches, my baby, just woke up. So, I will have to continue another time.

Until then,


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